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  1. A Tricky New Way to Sneak Past Repressive Internet Censorship

    2023-09-25 from Wired

    trust and safetycensorship

  2. Facebook can be sued over biased ad algorithm, says court

    2023-09-25 from The Verge

    trust and safety

  3. Hackers steal $200 million from crypto company Mixin

    2023-09-25 from TechCrunch

    securityhackersecurity breach

  4. Decade of newborn child registry data stolen in MOVEit mass-hack

    2023-09-25 from TechCrunch

    securitycyberattackransomwaredata breach

  5. Your Boss’s Spyware Could Train AI to Replace You

    2023-09-22 from Wired

    trust and safetydata collection

  6. Unity U-turns on controversial runtime fee and begs forgiveness

    2023-09-22 from TechCrunch

    trust and safety

  7. Meredith Whittaker reaffirms that Signal would leave U.K. if forced by privacy bill

    2023-09-21 from TechCrunch

    privacybackdoorend-to-end encryption

  8. Nintendo now supports passwordless sign-ins

    2023-09-21 from The Verge

    securitypasswordfake accounts

  9. GitHub launches passkey support into general availability

    2023-09-21 from TechCrunch


  10. Poland opens privacy probe of ChatGPT following GDPR complaint

    2023-09-21 from TechCrunch

    privacygdprprivacy policydata protection