Which video / article / podcast inspired you most on your Indie Hacker journey?

Since I started my IndieHacker journey earlier this year, I’ve been amazed by the fantastic resources that are freely available online. From videos, articles, talks and podcasts to Twitter threads; I’m still discovering new resources that inspire me, every single day.


These are my 5 favorite finds of this week:

  1. Take Asymmetric Bets - Erik Torenberg
    I heard of Asymmetric Bets before, for example from Daniel Vassallo, but I never really understood how this concept works in practice. Erik explained it very well in this article!

  2. How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users - Lenny Rachitsky
    The first customers are the toughest to get. Lenny dove into how famous big consumer facing apps got their first users. This newsletter contains some very creative, out-of-the-box ideas to help you reach our first 1000 users.

  3. Stages of the Builder’s Journey — a Blueprint for Aspiring Creators - Justin Mikolay
    If you’re a creator or a builder, Justin compiled this list of quotes from his conversations with creators he works with, and extracted lessons from them.

  4. Seth Godin on the Game of Life, the Value of Hacks, and Overcoming Anxiety - Tim Ferris Show
    Seth Godin is one of the creators that always manages to surprise with profound out-of-the-box statements. He makes a lot of those in this podcast.

  5. What Makes The Top 10% Of Founders Different? - Michael Seibel
    Michael shares his thoughts on what makes the best founders different. The best part about this: you don’t have to be born with certain character traits, because you can learn and improve the skills he talks about!


I’ve collected these and 95 more resources from over 30 famous authors on Sanderling: https://www.sanderling.app/search/concept/startup. Sanderling helps you find high quality learning resources, based on your interests. If you’re looking to get inspired, be sure to take a look.

Which resources have inspired you in your IndieHacker journey, that I - and others reading this - should absolutely know about? Let us know in the comments below!